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#1 – To The Depths

By on Jan 1, 2014 in 22 Days Series, Blog, Resources | 2 comments

On this first day of this new year, I would like to take you to the depths of a story. It’s a story that begins with a number, 22. 22 is the age my son would be this year if I had chosen to give him life. January 22 is the day in 1984 that my mom died in a house fire. January 22 is the day in 1973 that the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down from our country’s Supreme Court making abortion legal in all 50 states, overruling the states’ individual laws. I do not and have not, for as long as I can remember, ever believed in abortion, but I had one anyway. How could this be? For the next 22 days, one day for each of the 22 years that my son would have lived this year, I will share with you parts of my story, my journey leading to this decision, and my journey recovering from this decision. May we get to the depths of the how’s and why’s of my story, which in this...