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#2 – A Place of Safety

By on Jan 2, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 2 comments

I had heard of the crisis pregnancy center before, and I wanted to check it out, but I was afraid. I saw the signs for the post-abortion Bible study every day as I worked in my church, and I thought about calling each time I re-read the information. But my fears kept me away. I dreaded taking the chance of being found out by my peers, none of whom knew my secret. I also thought that there was some type of time frame for healing which had long expired, and that risking my reputation would have been for nothing anyway. So I talked myself out of taking the risk every day. God knew I needed a little help. And He sent that help through the invitation of a friend. The little fundraising walk that she invited me to many years ago was my first safe introduction to the oasis of the crisis pregnancy center I was so thirty to visit, but had self-outcast myself from and never dared to venture...