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#3 – From Conflicting Beliefs to a Steadfast Faith

By on Jan 3, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 0 comments

I know hind sight is twenty-twenty, but looking back I see how ill prepared the younger me was for such a challenging grown-up situation as I put myself in. My family survived day by day, one tragedy and trauma after another, so having regular open family discussions and planning ahead for my future was not part of our routine. In fact, we didn’t even have routines. So I thought I was being incredibly pro-active and responsible, even courageous as a very new and young adult in having a conversation with my fiance before we chose to act like adults and succumb to our temptations. We talked about how the other felt about pregnancy and abortion, and both of us shared that we didn’t believe in abortion, that if we happened to get pregnant, we would move up our wedding date and start our family early. Unfortunately, we didn’t share any of this conversation with either of...