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#4 – The Hold and Effects of a Secret

By on Jan 4, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 2 comments

A combination between a maze and a chess game all in my head, that’s what I picture. Before anyone knew my secret about the abortion I had when I was young, I was held captive by a strategic secret-keeping mind maze. Let me try to explain. In the midst of a group conversation with friends, before I felt comfortable to comment or respond to anyone I would maneuver through my response, then the other person’s anticipated possible response to me, then the additional possible question(s) that would raise, then my additional response(s), and on and on, until I was confident that none of this conversation would lead anywhere close to my secret pregnancy or abortion. And guess what? By the time I did all of this mental jockeying, the conversation that I was tediously analyzing was already long past, and the group was on to another topic. So, I had to refocus on the group and then...