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#5 – Opening Up to Daddy

By on Jan 5, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 3 comments

It took me 20 years to work up the courage, but I finally did it. And I am so, SO thankful that I did. I did it in stages to make it easier, and each step gave me more courage to keep going. First, I mailed my dad a package with two compartments. The first contained just a letter. The second, which I sealed separately, contained my written story of confession. My letter explained that I planned to fly down to visit with him to talk about something, that that something was written out inside the second envelope, and if he wanted to read it first he could, or if he wanted to wait and hear it directly from me in person first, he could choose not to read it as well. After I got the package mailed, I waited for his phone call. I was careful to keep my phone on me at all times, fully charged. When he called I had just parked at a restaurant where I was about to step out of my car to attend a...