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#7 – What’s in a Middle Name? – David

By on Jan 7, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 0 comments

I didn’t give my son a middle name until three years after I named him Jeremiah. I was considering the name David after one of my brothers, and I knew the Bible would help me decide for sure. I had no idea just how strikingly fitting it would be, but when I looked into the story of King David of the Bible, I knew for certain that it was definitely the right name. At the time of my pregnancy, I was living in Wisconsin and my now husband/then fiancé was in South Carolina in the Navy. I had just returned from visiting him, where unfortunately our plan to save sex for marriage had disintegrated once we became engaged. We talked over the phone about our plans for the pregnancy and moving up the wedding date, but my mind changed back and forth daily as I struggled with trust and co-dependency issues with my family. In the end, I chose not to trust the man who I thought I had just fully...