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#8 – How Many Breaths?

By on Jan 8, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 2 comments

I’m not a poet. But I wrote this very rough poem about my dad’s last night here on Earth, which was exactly one year ago tonight. To understand it fully, reading my blog on Day 5 about my time of confession and reunion with my dad would be beneficial. I wrote this just a few weeks after he died, and so it’s as rough as my emotions were at the time. How many breaths did you take Daddy, That last night? It didn’t occur to me to count them, I just stood by your side. As I look back on that night, Wondering how many breaths you took, I wonder a lot of how many’s. How many miles did you drive in your big rig, Down that long lonely highway? How many times did you think of me While you were away? How many regrets crossed your mind As you drove on alone? How many cigarettes did you smoke? How many times did you say, “This is the last one”? How many tears did you wipe from my...