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#10 – “I Was First, Right?”

By on Jan 10, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 1 comment

My oldest daughter had been asking me since she was 2 ½ years old, ever since her little sister was born, if she was the first baby in my belly. Actually, she didn’t ask it in true question form, it was more of a confirmation request, like, “I was the first baby in your belly, right Mom?” I could tell that she took pride in this false rank. When she first asked me this question all those years ago I was dumbstruck. I reacted instinctively and quickly lied, “Yes, honey. You were the first baby in my belly.” And then I quickly tried to change the subject. I didn’t know what else to say at the time. Then when my son was born, she began asking the question again. And again, I hadn’t yet resolved a way to tell her the truth without crushing her pride, so I continued to lie to her. Telling my children about my abortion was definitely one of the more...