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#12 – “You did abortion? WHY?”

By on Jan 12, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 4 comments

I knew I would be telling my son about my abortion at a younger age than I had told my girls when they were twelve and eleven. He was only eight, but ever since I began working at a crisis pregnancy center and explaining to him what abortion is and about my job of counseling people who were considering it or had already done it, he had some beyond-his-years understanding of it and questions about it. I have also come a long way since my daughter first asked me if she was the first baby in my belly, and I had instinctively lied to her. By the time my son was old enough to learn that he had a brother and a sister in heaven I realized that I could tell him the truth at all times, but that I could give it to him in parts, as he was ready for them. So he’s known about my babies in heaven for a long time, and he’s known about abortion for several years now. He just didn’t know the...