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#15 – Pruning: Painful but Productive

By on Jan 15, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 0 comments

I pruned my trees this past fall, and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this activity. I love being outside and doing something physical after working on the computer all day. My kids helped, but they were less enthusiastic about it. When I told them that I was enjoying the chore they asked me why, and that got me thinking. I began pruning the trees because they were growing too low and getting in the way of the lawn mower. But after finishing a few of the trees I began to see how much better that area of the yard was looking. Instead of a big mass of trees growing into each other, blocking out the sunlight and fighting over the limited nourishment from the ground, they now became distinguishable from each other, and the light coming through made everything look brighter and better. I think watching this transformation take place was part of the enjoyment of the chore, and then the...