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#16 – Abortion Grief

By on Jan 16, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 0 comments

Abortion grief is both similar and different for many people. For some, the grief is immediate, while for others it takes years before the full weight of the matter is felt and/or recognized. Sometimes there is a mysterious grief or depression that is not even linked back to the abortion even when seeing a counselor or therapist. My grief was both immediate and insidious. Since I didn’t want the abortion to begin with, I had to sort of turn off my brain in order to carry myself through the motions of that day. At the same time I turned off my emotions related to that day as well. But my brain wouldn’t remain switched off over time. And over time, the sorrow I had denied began to surface and bouts of depression began to creep in. Some people have anniversary grief on or around the due date that their baby would have been born. My anniversary grief was different. It revolved...