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#18 – Ducks in a Row

By on Jan 18, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 0 comments

This may make absolutely no sense, but in my mind I felt that I needed to create the perfect life scenario, you know, get my ducks all in a row, before I could purposely get pregnant this time and have my first child. I felt that by doing this I could validate the loss and sacrifice of my first child, my son. It was as if I could make my abortion decision ok by my future actions. I know now that this is impossible. But it took a message from God to get through to my brain that my logic was not adding up. The criteria I set in place to achieve in order for me to give myself permission to get pregnant again were these five things, be married, have a house, have a good job, have health insurance, and be out of debt. I was getting so close to fulfilling this list, but I was one short still, my husband and I were not out of debt. Over the years of attaining the majority of these goals, I...