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#19 – A Countenance of Joy & Love

By on Jan 19, 2014 in Blog, Resources | 0 comments

As I prepare to head out on this 40th Sanctity of Human Life Sunday to share my abortion story at a new church, I can’t help but revisit a familiar conflict. Since I’ve begun to share my story publicly, I have questioned my own countenance of JOY as I relate the knowledge of my son’s home in heaven and the certainty of someday meeting him. My concern has been to convey proper and right emotions, fitting my actions and beliefs. It’s such a humble and delicate place of conflicting emotions to impart. I have been reconciled to God because of His amazing grace, for which I will always remain humbly grateful. The joy that I cannot hide comes from this reconciliation and also from the knowledge that my baby still lives, only in heaven. How do I know that my baby and all the other millions of babies are in heaven? King David in the Bible shares with us the loss of a...