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Questions About Abortion?

By on Jan 31, 2014 in Resources | 0 comments

After reading some or all of my blog, do you have any questions that I haven’t addressed? As someone who has experienced the trauma of abortion, hidden the shame for two decades, gone through healing for myself, learned how to talk to my children about it, and currently help lead others through healing, I can provide a wide range of help from many different perspectives. You can comment as “anonymous,” and I will respect your privacy by not responding to anyone by name. I may be able to reply quickly in the comments, or I might address some questions in future blog posts. If you or someone you know has had an abortion at some point in the past, and you want to help them recover, please remember this. There is a spectrum of readiness. Some people will be ready as soon as they learn of the existence of such help, and others will be shocked that anyone is talking about...