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Becoming Whole … From Half (Part 1)

By on Feb 22, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

“Make that noise again,” I quietly beseeched my sister while I lay in bed, eyes closed, just beginning to wake one morning long, long ago. “What noise?” she asked from the floor beside our bed. “The noise you were making yesterday,” I answered, expecting her to know exactly which memory I was trying to recreate from the day before just because I was thinking it. She adjusted her play and asked, “Like this?” “No, that’s too loud. It was softer,” I answered, growing slightly annoyed that her inability to recreate what I was remembering was beginning to wake me from the comfy fog I didn’t want to exit. She adjusted again and asked again, “Like this?” “No, that’s not it either. Just do what you were doing yesterday.” “I don’t remember what I was doing yesterday.”...